Friday, July 24, 2009

Let's try this again...

Okay, so I had attempted to start blogging back in January and it just didn't work out. Considering the fact that I had just had a baby, and was adjusting to having two children, this should not surprise me. So, I am going to try it again.

This time around I have a different focus. I have begun to create my own hair bows, and I would like to sell them in order to help support my family. Soooooo...I am going to begin a blog in order to have another place to advertise the things I am making. I will probably be giving away free items occasionally, so if you have read this blog keep checking back for some possible free samples.

In addition to selling my creations I would like to share about my life, which revolves around my family. I have two very wonderful and adorable little girls. They are a joy in my life!

So, happy reading! And I hope I can maintain better this time around!

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