Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lightening Our Load

Okay, so first of all, I tend to think that I am not a clutter bug. I am not a pack rat. I hate the idea of having random things laying around, that I may use one day. So, I am constantly on a mission to clean out our house. And, our house is pretty small for a family of four, so it is a constant battle to keep things organized.

The last week or so I have been getting very excited for fall shopping for the girls. I literally feel like I am buying myself something when I buy them something. And I just love how cute they look in their little outfits. So, I began going through all of their clothes. Payton has inherited clothes from my niece, Aubrey, which I have kept in storage bins in my basement. In order to inventory what I had, so that I know what to buy, I went through all of my storage totes today, as well as both of the girls dressers and closets. I am always shocked at how much they have and how much I can continue to get rid of. Through this process I have also realized how little they really need.

What trully kills be about this is that I feel like I am going through our house once every two or three months, and I always have stuff to give or throw away. I wonder to myself, "how is this possible?" And it doesn't just apply to the girls' things. My closet is just as bad, and John's is as well, although he would never admit it. (So, I have to clean his out when he's not looking. Funny how they never miss it if they don't know it's gone, huh?)

Seeing all the stuff I am giving away makes me think back to my childhood and the things I had. We didn't live richly, but we weren't poor either. I never wanted for anything, I had clothes and toys. Sure, there were things that I wanted that I didn't get, but what child doesn't experience that? What I realize about my childhood is how grateful how I was for what I had.

So, I am on a new mission. We do not need a closets overflowing with clothes or bins and bins full of toys. I am going to lighten our load. I am going to appreciate what I have, and I want to teach my children to be grateful, not to take for granted having everything they want.

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  1. This was beautiful and encourages me to join in. God bless!