Monday, August 17, 2009

Update time...

So, I had a lot of meals left over from last week so John and I went grocery shopping (by ourselves, thank you Candace and Lindsey) last night to just grab a couple of things that we need. Which means I have no big update on a menu or grocery plan. I am craving a really good deal though so I will be keeping my eyes out!

Also, I sold my 2nd bow in ebay. I have 7 listed on etsy right now ( and I really want to use etsy because it is more economical. But right now ebay is the one giving me the results. So, I shall continue to use both until I can truly identify which option is going to work out better.

Honestly, I am very afraid that this isn't going to work. I have found doing this is very fun and rewarding for me. I want to really dig in and start making a lot. But I am trying to be smart and slow. Don't get ahead of yourself, Lindsey! I am just going to trust God and know that if this is supposed to be another way to support my family then He will provide a way for it all to work out.

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  1. I think that eventually you will get good results from Etsy, but that comes with a lot of blog traffic so that your product can be seen.. it will come! Don't be discouraged it will probably just take a little time for it to get rolling..