Thursday, August 13, 2009

The next phase....

So, now that we have begun to makeover our financial strategy, I am realizing that I am aware of the change needed in many other areas. I need to take back responsibility for my life, and the way that our family is run. Let me highlight that I said “responsibility” and not control. Control is not mine to take, control is in God’s hands and I need to trust Him for the guidance. But I am responsible for how my time and attitude, and my children’s time is spent.

So, here’s what I’m talking about...

I am on a new mission to keep my house up. Not that I expect it to be perfect, but I had fallen into a habit of sleeping in, rushing around, and barely scraping by on the household duties. Then I would end up spending one whole day cleaning the whole house. Repeat. In order to break this pattern I have established a pick-up routine for every morning and evening (dishes, pick up toys, put away clothes, basically straighten up). In addition, I have set up a cleaning schedule of deeper cleaning tasks that I need to do each day. Weekly, I will have special projects to complete, such as cleaning out the basement cupboards, or some other project.

I have also realized that Payton is coming to an age where she would greatly benefit from a little more structure in her life. By structure I mean not sitting around watching tv all day! So, I am embarking on a mission to put together one activity for her to do a day. This will also give me an opportunity to begin teaching Payton more formally about Jesus, and lay the groundwork for her to be introduced to a relationship with him.

I do not want to be come so rigid with my schedule that I am inflexible. We have begun practicing some of my new policies, and it has helped to let me feel more relaxed and peaceful throughout the day, which is going to a result in a more peaceful family. So, I hope to continue to recognize areas in which I can take responsibility and make our lives better. Because I am realizing the change in my attitude it has truly shown me how much of a mood influencer I can be for my family. When I choose to be in a good mood and joyful, not matter what we’re encountering, then it helps my family to move through whatever we may doing with a joyful attitude as well. Not that it’s all rosy and pretty, but I can help to make things as positive and productive as possible.

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  1. So, just curious... are you doing the total money makeover from Dave Ramsey? Jason and I have been since February (we began unofficially in January; but, started FPU in February) and it has led to so many changes outside our finances as well.

    Good luck with whatever you're doing!