Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekly Plan

It's Sunday and that means it is weekly planning time!

Goal One: Getting together with neglected friends...
I have found myself needing to get together with a lot of people but not knowing how to fit it all in. So, I am going to just try to take it one week at a time and get together with one or two friends each week. I am also working quite a bit this week, so it should be interesting fitting it all in.

Goal Two: Get organized about blogging...
If you have read very much of my blog you have realized a number of things. I am relatively new at it and I am trying to sell my own hair accessories. Because I have been new at this whole "blogging" thing I have found myself spending time learning how to do a lot of thing, such as getting my links out there for giveaways, setting up my layout, etc. But I want to get organized with my blogging time. So I have given myself topics for each day to write about. And I am going to find two linky's a day to enter my giveaway into.

Goal Three: Keep the house running
Never ending goal of staying on top my goals! LOL! I have been doing well keeping the house together, just want to keep it that way!

Please feel free link up via comment if you have written about your own weekly plan!

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